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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rosetta Stoned and Yo Majesty in Jacksonville new post

Wednesday Rosetta Stoned, Yo Majesty and the crew rolled down to Jacksonville, Florida for a show at Jack Rabbits. There were three opening acts before us...Tough Junkie, Heavy Flow, and Dj Caz. It was a fun show and we hung out until the owner closed the doors. Enjoy.

Tough Junkie

Cool Tattoo

Tyrone (Mental Stamina) - from Rosetta Stoned.

What do you know about Galaga - 170, 000 points and 22 screens...

Below are the young ladies in Heavy Flow...songs included: A blowjob is still a job; Shut up a and fuck; Whisky dick...and a couple of other very imaginative songs.
After the show we hung out with the ladies from Heavy Flow and some cool cats from Jacksonville.
Check out the Banksy tattoo.
This is Beth from the Fruit Machine.

In front of the club we had an interesting discussion about gentrification, The Knights of Columbus, and drug use with this dude pictured below. He later tried to get us to roll a joint for him because he was too drunk to do it himself...Hell to the NAW!!!

Tyrone having a good time.

Peace Jacksonville!!

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  1. Thanks for hanging out with us. Keep rocking and I'll keep swinging the sword.

    and junkie leaves