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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Neyo Birthday Party at The Whiskey

Wednesday night was pretty cool...I ended up at Neyo's birthday party at the Whiskey in Times Square. The front door was hectic - even some of the Def Jam executive staff could not get in. A number of celebs made appearances, including, Vivica A. Fox, Neyo, Jon B, Busta Rhymes.

D - Nice was on the turntables for most of the night.

The event was sponsored by Hennessy - Good look!!!

I shot some red carpet stuff...Busta was the man!!!

Spliff kept talking about A-rab money...get it.

Jon B.
His wife ran into difficulty with the event staff...so both she and Jon B made swift departures.

106 & Park's Terrence J.

The world reknown stylist - V-, Dolicia Bryan (right) and friend.

106 & Park's Rocsi.

A young lady from the UK - STOP GETTING ON MY TITS!!! (ask somebody from the UK what this means)

Back inside the party - nice outfit.

OK...this was when the night went into overdrive. I was in the unisex bathroom and I noticed all these reflective surfaces...so I started shooting some stuff. Suddenly a bunch of the dancers from the club walked in the bathroom and wanted me to take pictures of them...
I obliged.
Check the slide show - there are a lot more!!!

...and then Busta Rhymes walked in. I have tried to shoot Busta before, and he was not always down...well this time he was definitely down!!! He made me pay him 5 bucks - imagine that. I paid 5 bucks to do a photo shoot with Busta Rhymes and five models in the bathroom of the Whiskey during Neyo's birthday party - that s*it is priceless!!!

My man Jean Alerte...
After this photo, I was promptly asked to leave the venue. I guess they did want me taking photos...whatever...

After finishing my drink and exiting the venue I ran into this 6 foot 2 tranny wearing a cop uniform...THIS IS NOT A WOMAN!!!


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  1. Busta Rhymes made you pay HIM $5 to take pics of him? Wow. He's cool tho!

    That party sounds like it was frikkin' hilarious!