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Monday, October 11, 2010

lincoln center good 9.11.10

Fashion Week 2010 at Lincoln Center.. Enjoy the photos...


I like green.

Nice Glasses...

 dont't know what this jacket is .. but it is reversible..

This lady sells Crystals.. fashion week gets metaphysical..

Dope man bags..

Tattoos on the head are pretty awesome...

Friends from Norway...

Alan Cumming.. in the spirit of fashion week... I love this..

This guy is part of a film crew that is filming a mockumentary about fashion week.. you saw it here first.

 love these glasses on her...

This is one of the guys that runs MOODS OF NORWAY.. a dope clothing company..

Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner... BOSS!!!

Audrey Kitching

Jay and Ms J - from America's Top Model

I don't even understand what the Cherry thing is .. but i def had to shoot it.

And then the party really started...

Enjoy he slideshow.. there are tons more photos.. great outfits, really interesting people and a good time...

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  1. as for the cherries on his head.....maybe he's an avid teabagger...?
    iHeart your Art!!! your eye is amazing....you are definitely an assassin! (killer accuracy when you shoot people)