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I am a photographer, writer and social scientist...this is my forum for creative expression. I am using this blog to document my days and nights in the city that never sleeps...all the photographs, unless otherwise credited, have been shot by yours truly. If I offend you...good...I hope you begin to think more critically about the world in which we live. I am here to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly...and there is a whole lotta ugly out there!!! If you have a problem with anything that I write or photograph, let me know. It will not change my opinion but I appreciate and welcome discourse. One little bit of advice...don't do stupid things and let me photograph you...it will turn up on my blog.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Essex house

While at the Hudson Hotel, I met a young lady that invited me to her party at South Gate, the restaurant n the bottom of the Essex House Hotel. I walked over, waited in a crazy line, met some interesting people and tried to talk my way into the private party. Due to my attire, I was denied entrance...I proceeded to find another way into the bar and talked my way in ... perfect. Later on in the evening, I ran into the doorman that earlier would not let me in and he complemented me on my outfit.. nice. Enjoy the photos.

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