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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


That's right...Eat the Cake hit Hofstra's campus for the third and final 2008 Presidential Debate. Although I did not get into the actual debate itself, I was able to get on campus and document the crazy atmosphere. I was not alone on this mission; I was joined by the Bio Tour crew - a group of young people that are traveling the country in a refurbished school bus that is fueled by used vegetable oil.
For all of you people that do not believe in global warming and deny the existence of an impending climate crisis...do some research. Check out the website to get a better idea of what these guys are working on...http://biotour.org/Fall08/

The day started at about 9 am...The guys from the bio tour came to pick us up....

...and decided to let Brian Life paint the side of the bus. Brian is one of the illest painters that I personally know...he has done tons of album covers and he is currently working on a huge project...you will see in about a year.

One of our gracious bio tour hosts.

Drew and Ty.


Katie (another amazing painter)...

So, after the painting was finished, we hit the road and headed out to Hofstra's campus. Once we got through the myriad of security checkpoints, we pulled into the "Issues Alley" parking lot and parked directly behind the CNN bus. The parking lot was full of media trucks, information booths and students...it was truly amazing to see all these college kids involved and engaged in the political process.

Ron Paul is still the hope for America.

The legalized weed Lobby was in the house!!!

Greenman is 4 Obama.

What's up Kate...peep her show.

The McCaininites and the Palinites were in full effect.

It's a party in the parking lot -- Rosetta Stoned and another band played on top of the Bio Tour bus, only using power that was generated by the bus -- we are sustainable hip hop!!

In conclusion: It was a long, crazy, informative day full of political passion, awesome conversation, interesting people with strong opinions and a reminder of why this country is dope.


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