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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Food Chain Party - OCT 2, 2008 - Ty's Birthday

What's up everybody? Sorry it's been a while since my last post...a lot has been going on. I have been traveling, working and getting ready for the release of my band's debut album...things have been hectic. But I am back...Eat The Cake is in full swing and I will have tons of lovely visual treats in the next couple of weeks.

So, with all of that being said, let's get to the fun stuff -- enjoy these photos from the monthly "Food Chain Party", put together by Rosetta Stoned down in Washington DC (it was also Ty's birthday!!!). The night included live performances from Future (as well as other members of the Food Chain), special guest performers from Texas, and blow up dolls...SOME OF THESE PHOTOS ARE FOR MATURE AUDIENCES...I HOPE YOU ARE NOT OFFENDED BY BLOW UP DOLLS.

Ty (on the right) and his Dad.

Flex Mathews...the out of work superhero (member of The Food Chain Collective).

I do not know who this young lady is, but she has come to our event a couple of times and rocked the mic...Peace.

Ryn Burns and two of his friends...

Photograph the film maker.


These cats were on tour all the way from Texas...this is what happens after 44 hours on a bus!!!

Cat and friend.

This is my homie Grant(on the right)...a producer and clothing designer down with our collective.

What up Luke!

What up Brandon...check this dude out, he runs Can a Sista Rock a Mic - the only Female oriented week of live music in DC.

It's a party.

Carl from Statement of the Union.

Group Photo time!!!!!!

What up Stacey, What's up Rachael?!!!

Another shot of the crew.

To all of our guests: Thanks for coming out and supportung our event...see you next month for the CAKE AND KISSES party at Asylum - November 6, 2008. Peace

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