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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Caverns show - 9:30 Club

On December 29th, 2008, a great thing happened. My friends and label mates, Caverns, opened for Clutch at the 9:30 club in DC. For those that do not know, Clutch is one of the more successful touring bands in the past 15 years and the 9:30 club is the largest performance venue in DC before you get to stadium/arena sized venues...it was a big night...and the show was sold out.

Caverns music is difficult to describe...they are an instrumental punk band - with lead guitar, drums and keyboard...you can hear some of their music here..CAVERNS MUSIC.
Look at the photos and then go listen to their music. Peace

Kevin - Guitar.

Ross - Drums

Patrick - Keyboard


Let me begin with a little background. We recorded our First e.p. "Sing Along" back in February of ’07. As many of you know, the E.P. contains 5 songs. We chose those 5 since they represented the most cohesive picture of our earliest compositions and were the most “finished” songs at the time. As many (i.e. 3 out of the 4) of you know we’ve been playing "Stop Being Paranoid" and "Spread it Like a Virus" since our very first shows. We had already written many other songs but for one reason or another we decided, even though we felt many of them were stronger than the songs on “Sing Along”, to hold onto them until we went to record our first full length.

A little while ago Kevin wrote a little ditty called Silk Scorpion that we all got really jazzed about. It represented for us a new direction for Caverns. While the song kept our trademark sound of pretty piano coupled with crazy guitar, it was a vast departure from earlier jams like This Are Syntax. We liked the song so much we decided to name our debut LP after it.

At the end of May we went to start recording songs for our debut LP. We got down 6 songs, all of which were conceived before, during or shortly after the “Sing Along” recording and all prior to the writing of Silk Scorpion. Shortly after this recording session the band went on a hiatus to attend to real life shit like our jobs. However, during this time Kevin ended going on a writing frenzy and came up with a bunch of newer material which sonically felt more like the brethren and sisthren (I made that word up) of Silk Scorpion than what we had already laid down. So basically on the one hand we have a bunch of rad shit that sounds more akin to the Sing Along material, though superior, and on the other a bunch of equally rad shit that sounds more like the new direction Silk Scorpion has taken us in.

This has left us with a conundrum: we have a slew of material that we love and desperately want to get out to you guys but is too much to put out on one record, unless we did a Use Your Illusion style deal (but we all know that is followed up by hair plugs, embarrassing sports jersey and booty shorts combinations, and albums that take 2 decades to put out). Plus, if we did that we’d have to wait until like mid ’09 to get you dudes and dudettes anything. Even for a 19 song album that’s way too long, son.

So here’s the plan: We will be releasing a 7 song e.p. entitled “Kittens!” (yep!) this fall/early winter ‘08 containing new stuff that will not only expand our sonic palette but absolutely smokes everything on Sing Along (by the way I’m not shitting on Sing Along, I am just really super stoked about this new stuff). Then, sometime in mid ’09 we will unleash the album Silk Scorpion on you clowns. Just to whet your appetites for destruction here are some song –

Kittens! track list.
1) Spread it Like a Virus
2) Brodown: High Noon
3) How to Seduce an Android
4) Stop Being Paranoid
5) Dance you Son of a Bitch
6) Arctic Phantoms
7) Resmasculator

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