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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve 2009

Here is a quick New Years Eve wrap up...I took a train from DC to NYC on the 30th, partied at my friend's crib for New Years and headed back to DC on Jan 1st to host the monthly Cake and Kisses party.

New Years Eve was biitersweet...one of my friends is moving back to Vancouver on Jan 2nd, so New Years Eve was the last time for us to party before she headed back to Canada.

The night started with me, my girlfriend, and our friend that is moving back to Canada dining on some sushi and then heading back to the crib for drinks.

After a brief cocktail break, we headed uptown for a house party in Harlem and brought the New Year in with awesome people, good food and pretty good Ipod Djing.
Paty people...thank you to our gracious host (on the far right)...Peace

What up fellas.

Yep...New Years Eve...

Hilda...the anomaly.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My girlfriend was killen em in the all black...

Black Santa is definately in the the house.

PEACE - Enjoy 2009 - let's get it...


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