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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bryant Park - Tuesday. Tibi show.

Lauren...In a Word Fab
Align Center

WOw - dude goes hard!!!

I kind of like this look.

Awesome dress...free photoshoot to anyone that can name the artist that inspired the pattern of this young lady's dress.

Lauren and Fashion Week pioneer

Aisha Tyler.

Miss USA - Crystal Stewart

This dude was cool as hell....i like the scraf and hat combo.

After I took some photos of people hanging out, I decided to check out the Tibi fashion show. My girlfriend, Anu, told me that the clothes were really cute...and she was right.

After the show, I stayed around and took some more photos of people and some of the cool, crazy or weird outfits they were wearing.

Miss J - from America's next Top Model.

Keino Benjamin and friends...

The Retro Kidz.

Can somebody remind of this lady's name. She is a very well known writer in the fashion industry...

Staff from Vogue Japan.

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