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Friday, April 3, 2009

Oval event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame annex ft. Semi Precious Weapons

Last week was crazy...I shot an event for Oval Vodka at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in NYC on Tuesday, hosted the Cake and Kisses Party in Wash DC on Thursday, played two shows at the University of MD on Friday, hosted an emcee battle and then dropped by the radio station at University of MD for a crazy recording session and party on Saturday, came back to NYC for a photo shoot Sunday and now...time to post some images.

The Oval party that I shot was one of the best media/live music events that I have been to in a while; from the decor, to the talent to the people that showed up...it was a lot of fun.

Justin Tranter

The event was held in order to celebrate the newly launched earring line, Vamp, by Fetty (which is owned by the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons - Justin Tranter) The night included: free Oval vodka, free absinthe (the fake kind), a dope performance by Semi Precious Weapons, and a bunch of cool guests...have a look.

Dj Lady Starlight holding up one of her favorite records...that's right...she brought records to the club - that's what's up. Always show love for the DJ!

Nice Shirt...

Christian Siriano

These Mondrian inspired shoes were pretty awesome...had to take a flick.

A couple of the guys from the Real World Brooklyn...Scott and Chet.

Another Real World Brooklyn castmate - Devyn

Rachael Sage

Party People!!!

Malcolm Harris - one of the most talented and coolest designers that I have met since I moved to NYC a year and a half ago...and he is Black. Visit his website here...http://www.malsirrah.com/

The place was packed for the Semi Precious Weapons performance.

After the performance, I found my way to the VIP for a couple of more drinks and ran into some cool people.

Swear on Your Life

I never caught the name of the young lady on the far right, but she was off the hook...

Tokyo Diva (on the right) and friend.

And like that...he was gone...Peace

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