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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Sunday Show at the Slipper Room - not safe for work - burlesque show

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to shoot the Sunday Show at the Slipper Room...thanks to Josh McCutchen..check out his on line comedy show..THE JOSH McCUTCHEN show.

Now..these photos are for adults..there is a little bit of nudity...not advised for those with weak hearts and restrictive moral standards.

I love fire performances...

Some of the performers for the evening.

During an intermission, the subject of Trannies came up and guess what ensued...a Tranny got on stage and began showing his/her tits. It turns out that this young man/lady is a prominent adult entertainer on line and has an entire catalog of material for those that are interested. He/she was there with his/her girlfriend (really a girl) who then started making out with one of the other Trannies in the crew...pretty interesting...

told you...the blond in the white jacket that is suckling the other young lady is a dude...and the girl being suckled was there with her Tranny boyfriend that exposed him/herself in the previous photo.

And the fun did not stop with Fire and Trannies...the next scene was inspired by Richard Gear...fake coke, fake rat in the ass and a masturbation scene utilizing a prosthetic penis...awesome.


After the gentleman on stage was splashed with a bucket of water, the performer decided to help him out and dry him off...with the rag that was stashed in her vagina!!! Have a closer look.

Yep...have a look at the slide show from some more photos from this little scene...girls kissing girls..

More Fire...More FIre...More Fire!!!!

Talent is talent...

See you soon...hit me up to shoot your event!!!
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