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Friday, June 27, 2008

Divine Chocolate, NBA party and Pink Elephant

So...I woke up at 6am Wednesday morning and worked a product shoot for Divine Chocolates (above) -- I did not go to sleep until 5am Thursday morning, after shooting a NBA draft party and the afterparty at Pink Elephant.
The NBA event was insane...one entrance/exit and a massive amount of people trying to get in, all of whom were on the list. After a twenty minute discussion with the doorman, I finally got into the party...nice cars, free drinks, and free food...cool.
Have a look.

Below, we have former NBA player, Kenny Smith and John Gado of Money Clothing.
The afterparty for the event was at Pink Elephant...if you have never been to the party at Pink Elephant on a Wednesday night, you need to check it out.
More free drinks and a lot of people that were not camera shy.
Below the pictures, there is a slide show...if you were at the party, you might see yourself.

Nice hat.
Gotta love the pink pants.
Check out Azad watches...real cool cat.
Self Portrait.

Always show love to the DJ.
It's gotta be the shoes...

I am surprised by how many people make out on the dance floor...who knew.
It's a party!

Like I said, it's a party.

Another little tidbit that I didn't know...girls are allowed to make out with their female friends...and it is not really gay, they are just having a good time.
Guns N Roses is one of the dopest bands EVER!

SO...what a night. Holla

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  1. The older guy with the crazy hair is Shaggy Steve. I see him at every tech and auto event I get an invite to. He's supposed to be a photographer but he rarely shoots anybody. It's funny that you ran into him.