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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lee Carr party at Prime, SPA 88 party

Thursday night...first Prime and then a pool party at Spa 88.
I ran into a cat that went to Morehouse with me (pictured below on the left)...his brother manages R&B singer Hal.
Below, we have Shaheem Reid (MTV News) and two friends - by the way, Happy Birthday Shaheem.
R&B singer Lee Carr.

I left prime and made may way to the train station; next stop, Spa 88.
Now...check these blue flowers out...what the hell is going on??!!!
I did not photoshop this...weird.

I love this outfit...you needed to see it in person...The scarf had a New York times pattern all over it and the handbag was kind of trippy.
Marley (I hope I spelled your name right) and Toy.
What up Def Jam staff.
Serious Jones.

Precious London.
...and friends.
Another example of two girls that are friends, making out...but they are not gay.

Russian model #1.
Russian model #2.
Russian Model #1 and Russian model #2.

Yes, that is a pool - there is a spa on Fulton St. that has an underground pool, tanning saloon, and a jacuzzi.
In one word the party was...New York.

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