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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hamptons weekend...

Another weekend in the Hamptons...
I got to the house Friday night around 10pm and got right down to business.
Post pre-game, we headed out to Pink Elephant. It was a fun ride.
We got to the club, and commenced to partying.

This dude got kicked out of the club for being too wasted and somehow ended up in my cab...awesome.

This chick gets in the van, passes out for two seconds and then started yelling about pictures and the television show tht she is on. She was kind of funny.

Saturday was pretty chill. I woke up, ate a sandwich, chilled by the pool most of the day, and took some pictures.

Around 9pm, the party in the house began...thanks to our sponsors - PINK Vodka.

Saturday night, we left around 11pm to go to La Playa...I got some cool pics. Enjoy.

These girls had on the coolest outfits of the night.

Demos (one of the house managers) was loving his life.
This is how you party.
Having a good time?
Nice headband.
Below is a photo of two of the people that stayed in the house (very cool).

Now, these three people pictured below were an interesting bunch. I met the kid in the middle a few minutes prior to this picture being taken...he wanted me to take some pictures, so we worked out a compensation arrangement and I went to get a drink. After my trip to the bar, I went to find him on the patio and he was savagely making out with the chick on the left.
I mean savagely/voraciously/lasciviously... they were knocking over barstools, up against the patio fence, he almost picker her up off of the ground...all types of stuff. It got to the point that people on the patio were telling them to get a room...great stuff.

Above, we see a friend's reaction to the make-out session...by the way, one of the girls was Australian and the other was 18...you figure it out.

After the fun and games, I made my way to the other patio...Check it.
What up Mike!
Have a closer look (open up in new tab) at this picture below. There are some cool effects...really subtle.

Another weekend in the Hamptons...check out the slideshows

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