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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Remy Party

Wednesday night my girlfriend and I attended a Remy party that was pretty cool. The party was held in celebration of Remy releasing a new bottle designed by David La Chapelle that featured an image created to pay homage to Josephine Baker. It is dope that a photographer was given a chance to design the bottle - and he decided to feature a Black Woman...I can't wait till I get that opportunity!!
The night included: free Remy to my face, bodypaint (not for me), and a surprise appearance by Steve Harvey...one of the original Kings of Comedy.
Enjoy the photos!!!

Like I said, bodypaint.

The Dj for the first part of the evening was DJ Cassidy.
He had a great mix of contemporary party music and some old school hits...always show love to the DJ!!

Special guest: Steve Harvey (one of the best dressed men in entertainment). This dude is hallarious. I am not a fan of many comdedians but I find Steve Harvey to be intelligent, witty and innovative...check out his Def Comedy Jam skit about Mitch Green.

If you don't know about the Retro Kidz...you are late as hell!!!!!!

It's a PARTY!!!!!

I would like to thank the party planners for the awesome decision of chocolate dipped strawberries...choice!!!

Some guests even made travel bags!!!

I love this lady's hat. Check her out, she is a NYC based writer....Dorothy Dunne.

The second half of the night was DJ'd by a team of four female DJs that had the party rocking!!!
Always show love for the DJ!!!

All of the DJs!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a pic of me and my beautiful girlfriend...she's dope!!

Thanks for checking out the post.
I leave you with this message...

EAT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!AT THE CAKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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