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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rosetta Stoned show with 3pac, Heavy Flow and Fruit Machine.

So, Monday the 11th, I threw a party at the crib - the Mckibbin Lofts. It was somewhat unexpected and apparently problematic for some of my neighbors. Sorry everybody...it won't happen again...no more parties on a Monday night.

It was a sight...Heavy Flow and Fruit Machine were in New York for a show that was scheduled for Tuesday and asked me to hook them up with a show on Monday. I figured I could help them out. I called up this group called 3Pac and asked them if they wanted to rock out with us...and from there on it was history.

Two stories...same ending.
We met Fruit machine and Heavy Flow while playing a show in Jacksonville, Florida with Yo Majesty. All of them were so cool that we told them that we would try to set something up in NYC...and they actually made it!!!

Earlier on that same tour, we performed at Highline Ballroom with Yo Majesty and Does it Offend You...Yeah....and after the show this girl walked up to Ty and said that she would rap his face off. After about fifteen minutes of what I thought was impromptu freestyling, I realized that I was witnessing a show...her homegirl had jumped in with ad libs and her own verses...some dude behind them knew the words...it was mindblowing.
We exchanged info and they actually rocked with us.
I know both of these groups because of Yo Majesty. That's what's up!

Now, the thing that is kind of interesting is the common thread between some of the songs played that night...

Whisky Dick
Shut up and F*ck
I blow is Still a Job...and I'm gonna work my ass off
Let's Break the Lease
Shoplifted Love
and The Shocker....

First up...Fruit Machine and Heavy Flow in a Battle set - each group performing one song after the other!!
Fruit Machine

Heavy Flow

Fruit Machine!

They were dope...all of them were really laid back...yet, so hardcore.

After the battle set, 3pac hit the stage. Now this was some unexpected ish!! They showd up with costumes and props and seriously put on a show the likes of which I have never seen. It included murkins, gold bathing suits, and a cardboard mouth and a red bag that somebody wore to look like a tongue...awesome.

We had R2 on the projector -- so the visuals were crazy to match the show.

After 3pac, we had to turn things down a little, but we still freestyled to some dope drum and bass spun by my homie Keith untill about 3:00 am.

It was a wild night...We got two noise complaints,
Rosetta Stoned and Optimis did a killer Drum and Bass freestyle set, and luckily the police did not come.

NO PARTIES ON MONDAY NIGHT (especially not one that includes a loud ass rock band, two bass/dance rap groups and crazy freestyles until 3 in the morning).


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