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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rock the Bells NYC - aug 3, 2008

This post is one for the records - I unexpectedly ended up at the Rock the Bells show in New York that took place at the Jones Beach Amphitheater. Thanks to Shah and Suemyra, I saw one of the best shows that I have seen in the past two or three years as well as got some dope photos. I missed De La, and a bunch of other cats, but the acts that I did see, were pretty amazing. Performers included: Ghost and Rae, Black Star, Pharoahe Monch, Nas, Jay - Z, A Tribe Called Quest, Method Man and Redman...and many others. Check out the full line up at http://www.guerillaunion.com/rockthebells/

From the time that we got in the spot, the day was hectic...security was sweating me backstage, even though I had a media badge (good look Seven)...there were mad people...and I was running around trying to capture the action backstage as well as on stage.

First up -- The Mighty Mos Def
He was later joined by Talib Kweli.

Pharoahe Monch tells them to, "GET THE F*CK UP!!!"

Backstage -- the natural leaf.

Dope tattoo.

Slick Rick.


Dres Backstage.

Method Man and Redman.

I'm on stage with METH!!!!!!!!!

Redman and Method Man.

Redman was in a zone all night...

Meth in the Lights.

If you find a bag of weed on floor, what you gonna do?......

Redman and Keith Murray.

Red and Meth brought out EPMD...What!!!!!

During Nas' set, Jay Z rocked a song or two with him...it was kind of awesome.
On another note - a lesson to all would be photographers...always be prepared.

Before Nas' set started, I was backstage chillin, and I got tired of holding my camera, so I put it in my bag. Not more than two seconds after I secured the camera in the bag, did I turn around and see Jay-Z standing three feet in front of me. I say, "Wow", and then "What's up" and think to myself how ironic it is that I did not have my camera out. He said, "what's up" and kept it moving.
After Nas' set I had to go charge my battery, so I found an outlet way back in the cut near a stairwell. I was kneeling on the ground switching out the battery of my camera and realized some people were walking over to me. I thought to myself that security was about to harass me, but when I looked up, it was Beyonce..?!! She smiled and said, "What's up", and then Jay-Z walked by and said peace...it was crazy...again, I was not ready with my camera!!!

But anyway, back to the Nas performance.

And to finish off the night...A Tribe Called Quest.

Watch the slide show -- there is a lot that you haven't seen!!!!!!!!!!!

What a night -- Hip Hop ain't DEAD!!!

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