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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Global vote show, NYC, and Naked dude in the Hallway

Ok...The past week.
Last weekend I went back to Washington DC for the Rosetta Stoned show at The New Republic Gardens. Other artists on the bill were Teddy Faley, The Doll and an awesome band that rocked for about an hour and a half (my battery died, so I didn't get much).

In the photo below, we have Teddy Faley killin it. Check out his song, Spring Cleaning, on the Food Chain Album (free for download at http://www.foodchaincollective.com/)

Below, this is ED - our studio engineer...check out the knew Rosetta Stoned remixes.

Monday, I headed back to NYC to hang out with my girlfriend's family that was in town from India...not pictured...and we went shopping and ate some awesome Thai food.

While walking, we came across this young lady who happened to have a rabbit on her shoulder. It purred and vibrated...kind of cool.

Wednesday, I was taking the train to my girlfriend's house and guess who I ran into Christian - a contestant on Project Runway. My girlfriend thinks he's fierce.

After telling Christian how much my girlfriend loved the show that he was on, I stopped by a farmer's market at Union Square and took some flicks.
This dude is definitely wearing two purses.



I am starting a new project - photograph the photographer...cool.
These two young ladies are vacationing in the US from Slovenia.
It's good to know that even in Slovenia, there are hipsters wearing Palestinian scarfs.
You should check out this blog...Stuff White People Like.

Reverend Billy on the megaphone...he, along with a group of gatherers, were protesting the development and construction on the north side of Union Square.

Cool little toy.

This dude is a Tibetan throat singer...awesome.

Check out the handbag and the shoes.
This is why I am HOT!! GLOBAL WARNING.
Check out his site...thefairschool.com

New York State of mind.

SO... I got home and my roommate Aaron had a story for me (check out Aaron's TV show on Brooklyn Public Access).
Aaron had been in the crib chillin and one of our neighbors knocked on the door...when Aaron opened it, he was informed that there was a naked dude sleep on a couch in the hall way...right in front of our upstairs door.
Aaron went upstairs to check it out and look at what he found...a naked dude sleep on a couch. Nice photo.

Aaron woke the dude up and said, "Yo, you are naked and sleep in the hallway right in front of my door...do you live in the building?" And of course, the dude said, "No."
So at that point, the dude stood up, wandered down the hallway, and started knocking on all of the doors...until his friend opened up her studio and let him in.
Note - notice that there are no clothes anywhere near this guy. He didn't get drunk and take his clothes off in the hall way...what the hell could have happened?
And a message from Aaron

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