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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


For the Fourth of July... I had to work - another weekend at the House in Sag Harbor. This was my third weekend and proved to be the most eventful weekend thus far. The highlights included: Pink Elephant mascots, our cab getting pulled over by the cops, dancing on tables/sofas in the club, Dj Steve Aoki, Pink Vodka, the pool, and a lot of good times.

Although I am conflicted about celebrating independence day (the whole slavery thing), I am willing to drink beer and take pictures of people having a good times.

I arrived Friday morning, having caught a 7:30 am train, and ended up going into town to grab some food from the local market.

This is a picture of a famous hotel. Apparently, Billy Joel used to just roll into the hotel, sit at the piano in the lobby and rock out for hours...Dope
After getting some supplies, it was back to the house for some sunbathing and bar-b-q.

Love the glasses.

Later that evening, it was time for a little pre-game. The house is sponsored by Pink Vodka, so bottles were definitely getting popped.

These girls just showed up at our house - they didn't know anybody there and nobody knew them...but more Pink Vodka to the face!!!

Below, we have a guest - this dude is a Ford model in Miami who was up in the Hamptons to party. Must be nice.

Cool Bag.

Pink to the face.

The crew about to go out.
Superjew - Awesome T- shirt.

Thirteen people in a van...it was kind of fun.

The aforementioned pink elephant mascot.

The party was cool..until they asked me to stop shooting...but until then...

On the way home, we got pulled over. The cab that we were riding in was only supposed to carry five passengers and we were loaded in seven deep (and the cabby was swerving and tailgaiting people on one of the darkest roads that I have ever been on in my life). We all kind of took it like a joke, since none of us were driving, there was nothing that we could really get in trouble for...people started calling their friends on the phone, I got out and took pictures and other people just laughed hysterically. I ended up having to stand on the side of the road for 15 minutes while the cab dropped of five of the people in the car before returning to pick up me and Patrick.

Pretty cool Friday night

Saturday involved me watching "I am Legend" and "Cloverfield", watching "Keeping up with Kardashians", and going to a pretty awesome party at La Playa (Dj Steve Aoki on the tables).

Some house guests (in the rain)

Some pool.

Now, that's a knife!!!!

Nice shoes.

The pink party pants in full effect.

Some of the homies.

Nice shoes.

Dj Steve Aoki killed it. I have seen him spin in Austin, NYC and the Hamptons - and he is a monster every time.

In the following pictures try to notice a few things -
1. Who is aware of the camera or posing for the camera.
2. Who is not aware of the camera.
3. People yelling

I ran into the cats from Money Clothing - check them out.

More love for the DJ!!!!

Oh - a fight in the Hamptons - for real..??

Back to reality...

Rosetta Stoned represent!!!!

This cat in the middle plays for the Giants, regrettably I cannot remember his name. (chalk one up for loss of short term memory).

This cat is having the night of his life!!!

Go through some of my older posts - these two may be familiar.


The influence of Kanye strikes again...

Enjoy everything else in the slideshow. ANy questions, hit me up info@chriscarrphoto.com



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