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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Afro Mosiac Dance party with Rich Medina and Mickey Factz show

Thursday night was pretty interesting. I went to a performance by Mickey Factz and then went down to The Sullivan room to see Rich Medina Spin Afro beat and dance music for the Libation party hosted by Afro Mosaic Soul and Manchild Black.

Let's start with the Mickey Factz show...it was pretty good. I have seen this cat perform a couple of times, most notably with the Cool Kids in Austin during the Biz 3 show at Emo's and I think this was his best show to date. He had a lot of energy and even on the songs that were not my cup of tea, I liked his stage presence and composure.

Mickey and Ms. NewYork.

This dude (below) performed berfore Mickey...it was kind of wild...80s pop with emo vocals.

Young Berg (on the right). Unfortunately Young Berg did not perform...I was upset...

This is one of the cats that threw the party.

At one point, Mickey was rapping and this lady that was sitting on the couch next to the stage began falling asleep...granted, she was one of only three 50 year old white ladies in the club...I think that it was past her bedtime. Mickey sat right next to her for a little while and made sure that she was awake for the rest of the performance.

Nice shoes.

After the Mickey Factz performance, I headed back to my girl's crib to chill and then went over to the Sullivan Room to catch Rich Medina spin. Let me tell you something...it was tight!!!!
The music was dope, people were drenched with sweat from all the dancing, and I got to see some of the illest Dancers in NYC let loose.

Check out the crazy light effects - that is not photoshop!!!

Rich Medina Live!!!!!!

Cool shirt.

That's what's up!!

My man Concep was doing live paintings throughout the night.

BROOKLYN!!!!!!! Nuff said.

The Homie , Fauzi, is one of the best dancers to be as humble as he is...he is also an awesome Afro beat and House Dj.

Do it!!

There were so many dope photos...Check out the slide show for the rest.

Look out for upcoming posts...a night in the Mckibbin Lofts and the Afro Punk Block Party.

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  1. What's the name of the girl who's smiling in the beginning of the slide show? I've seen her dance @ Sputnik when Evil Dee had his house music party...

    Good stuff!