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I am a photographer, writer and social scientist...this is my forum for creative expression. I am using this blog to document my days and nights in the city that never sleeps...all the photographs, unless otherwise credited, have been shot by yours truly. If I offend you...good...I hope you begin to think more critically about the world in which we live. I am here to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly...and there is a whole lotta ugly out there!!! If you have a problem with anything that I write or photograph, let me know. It will not change my opinion but I appreciate and welcome discourse. One little bit of advice...don't do stupid things and let me photograph you...it will turn up on my blog.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pepsi Party and The Mckibbin Lofts

Saturday was a long day. I had some friends come in town Friday night around 4am and we stayed up until 7am. We woke up around noon on Saturday and kicked it all day - hanging around the Mckibbin Lofts with some of the artists in my neighborhood and later that night, we went to a Pepsi party that was pretty dope.

Let's begin the journey in my neighborhood.

Cool shoes.

The Russian girl who works at Potion Cafe and her friend.

Katie (check out the Hospitium) and Ty (Rosetta Stoned).
Katie is one of the better visual artists that I have met since moving to NYC...she does large scale paintings (12 or 15 feet) that depict human subjects in a photorealistic yet skewed perspective.

Katie's Cat.


Outside my building with Five One...check them out...they just played the Afro Punk Festival.

I did not shoot this footage.
The Five One - Soul Jam! Afropunk Festival, Brooklyn, NY 7.6.08

Saturday night we headed out to the Pepsi Blue Carpet event - it was the closing party for the Latin Alternative Music Conference. The event was dope...they had a Guitar Hero station, free drinks, appetizers, DJ Tony Touch on the turntables, and a pretty dope venue.

NYC fashion in full effect.

One of the other photogs at the event - cool shirt.

Blue Carpet reporter.

Nice shoes -- what's up Felicia Quaning of PMG.

New project - Photograph the photographer.

Dj Tony Touch on the wheels.

Crazy Legs and Tony Touch. Legends!!

Dope Tattoos.

Photograph the Photographer!!

More Tattoos...

After we left the Pepsi event, I headed back to Bushwick for a relaxation session. I got home and ran into Katie and some other cats from the neighborhood (yes, it was 3 in the morning).

Chris (below) was on a mission to Flour the guy on their couch - I know that flour is not a verb - but in this case, dumping a whole bag of flour on a sleeping, unsuspecting, couch crasher is definitely a verb.

Instead of flouring said couch crasher, we ended up dousing Josh - or actually, I doused Josh. You should check out Josh's online show - the dude is funny as hell.


My roommate Anna -- shout out to Manchester!!!

Awesome -- Where the Wild Things Are -- fitting.

So, as we left Josh's Place, the sun was up...I think this was the third day in a row that I was awake from the previous night when the sun was rising.

There is something awesome about the lighting at 7am.
Milani and Ty.

And at that, I bid you adieu...

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