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Friday, September 26, 2008

Bloc Party free show at Roseland Ballroom

Last week was crazy; four events in five days...Wednesday night was a free show at Roseland Ballroom featuring UK based rock group, Bloc Party.  Getting in with my camera was crazy, but by now I am used to it...good look Abigail.  

First up - Amazing Baby...

This band is pretty awesome...check out Amazing Baby.

What' s up partygoers!!!

Next up...Bloc Party.  This was my first experience listening to this band's music and I was thoroughly impressed with the musicianship and song structures...all in all, they rocked out.

This bartender was like, 45 years old...she gave me a free beer and talked a lot of sh$t...that's what's up!!!


These cats were visiting from England and were wasted!!!


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  1. Hi !
    I have an Amazing Baby news blog and I was wondering could I use one of your photos to illustrate an entry that I have made for this particular show ? I would credit your blog and link back to it.