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Thursday, September 11, 2008

S.T.A. DJ Party at Manison ft. Indashio - VH 1 Glam GOd

Friday night, after my gig for the hair care company, I attended a party hosted by STA DJs at Mansion...the party also featured work by VH 1 Glam God contestant, Indashio. My homegirl, Nina, invited me...thanks for the love!!!

The night was kind of crazy, there were mad people in front of the venue...so trying to navigate the guestlist/media-list was a pain in the a@s. But, whatever, things worked out and I got in with all of the people that came with me.

Once inside, the party was nuts...$20 dollar drinks, fashion designers, models, trannies and a rocking good time!!! Enjoy the photos.

What's up Liz (far right)!!!

You should have seen the outfit that the blond was wearing...who knew a man could fit into a dress that tight.

Photograph the photographer.

Dj Martial (in the hat) and friends.


Nice dress...

This hat was even crazier in person.

This is how you party!

Dj Sophie.

I wish I coul dput this type of time and effort into my personal style.

It's all about the shoes.

Double exposure.

In the photo below, we have Jamie (Hampton house guest) and his friend...she was partying...thanks for the drink!!!

Say cheese!!!

You should check these dudes out - UPscene clothing NYC.

Indashio, Vivalicous and the crew.

What's better than girls kissing girls...

Shot of the day...as well as word to the wise. Don't dance on tables in a dress or skirt; people will be able to see your underwear...or, make sure you wear underwear when you dance on tables or else people will see your cooter.

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