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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oval Vodka launch party - atl - girls kissing girls

A couple of weeks ago I had to shoot a launch party in Atlanta for Oval Vodka.
I flew to Atlanta (got stuck in the airport for 8 hours) the day of the event, met up with some of my friends (I went to college in Atl), and made some money doing what I love to do (taking pictures). I was back home in NYC less than 24 hours after arriving in the A-town...I wish I had a chance to stay longer...oh well.

OK...back to Oval Vodka.
You have to try this liquor -- it is pretty awesome. Somehow the vodka is structured (instead of distilled), so it has a refreshingly smooth taste and can easily be used for tons of drink recipes (it is also 84 proof - awesome). It is unlike any other vodka that you have tasted....and has one of the most original bottle designs that I have seen in a while.

Love the shirt!!!

Always show love for/to the DJ!!!!!!

The night was hosted by Trishelle and Mark from the Real World and Road Rules TV shows that used to air on MTV. They currently host a show on E! and were casting for hot new co-hosts.

These two were a lot of fun to work with.

Below, we have Jamal Anderson...the former Atlanta Falcons star running back. If you didn't know, he also has aspirations to be an emcee, so once he got in the DJ Booth, he was on the mic all night...that dude was wild.

What up Mark...this cat was pretty cool -- he worked really well with all of the contestants that auditioned to co-host Wild on E!.

Below, we have one of my good friends from college - Nick (third person from the left). He is one of the producers of #1 single, Kryptonite.
On the far left is his neighbor, next to Nick is his girlfriend and on the right of Nick is my girlfriend.

Contestants-- I wonder if they made the cut?

This couple was having a great time...that's how you get it in the club!!!

Girls kissing grils!!

I'M OUT!!!!!!!
Peace to all the students at Morehouse, Clark and Spellman...you are the future.


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