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Sunday, March 16, 2008

SXSW Fri (4/4) - Emo's

Friday night was a live performance at Emo's. This club was huge!!! There was one large performance space inside, two spaces outside and another room for live music.. .and the sound was dope.

The night at Emo's began at the nail booth.

I had hoped to photograph a lot of tattoos while in Austin, and the night started out well.

Once I settled in and grabbed a drink, I moved to the stage and photographed the British band, "Does It Offend You, Yeah?" As you will see, the crowd felt it.


2 of the ladies from VON IVA and one of the gents from Are you Offended...Yeah

So, the show must go on!!!

Flosstradamus performed...they killed it. It was the first time I had a good time hearing mixes of Daft Punk. People went nuts, I'm talking APE SH*T...jumping around, throwing bows, all types of madness.

There was Stage diving - peace to any chick that stage dives in a skirt or dress!!!




This is the skinniest dude I have ever seen in my life!!

After the show...the people!
Nice hat. The duck is a nice touch.

I also saw THE COOL KIDS. I had never heard of these guys, but people in the crowd were singing the lyrics, getting hype and trying to pull of one of the emcee's pants. By the end of the show, I was interested in hearing more of their material...they somehow covered a Beastie Boy's song and a N.W.A. in one set.

More Stage Diving

Kid Sister rocking the mic!!!!

Yes...Homie from Jane's Addiction!!!!

I brief visit from my man from Kids in the Hall

By the end of the night, I was tired..but the pictures were dope.
I hope you enjoyed

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