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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rosetta Stoned, Filter and Yo Majesty in Atlanta

The show on Tuesday took place at the Masquerade (an awesome venue), and was one of the more interesting shows. Filter was playing in the room upstairs, so the crowd was a mix of Hardcore rock fans that decided to give us a try, hip hop heads and dance enthusiasts.

Gotta show love to the DJ - what up Orion!!

C'Beyohn and The Doll

This is when things really got interesting. During the Yo Majesty set people started wylin...I mean really wylin! There was a dude named BOB that was partying for real...from floor to the stage he made sure that his presence was felt. What up BOB?!!

Ace and Da Wild Card.

What up ladies!

Shunda K on the mic.
When Shunda asked people to come up on stage, this dude Bob jumped right up and began rocking with her.
Barbarellaman (of Supahero GoGo Starz) rocking out with Bob and Shunda K.

Angeltechnician and Tedra partying!
Show love to the soundman!!

Get it.
Tedra and Josh Bloom.
Dj Orion
This young lady had some cool tattoos on her chest...as well as really amazing eyes.

The lead singer (Richard Patrick) of Filter (Industrial rock band) -- he is also the former frontman of Nine Inch Nails.
The world is tiny. We met this young lady in Austin Tx, during South X Southwest and she happened to be in Atlanta for our show - how dope is that?!
The Doll
Tony - the best engineer in the world - in his studio.

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