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Saturday, May 10, 2008

XXL Party for Datwon Thomas

Last Thursday we (my girlfriend and I) attended a party for Datwon Thomas in honor of his new position as Editor-in-Chief of XXl Magazine and to celebrate his birthday. The event was sponsored by Hennessy and was hosted in the Penthouse Suite of the Rivington Hotel. Free drinks, one of the dopest views of city imaginable, and did I mention free Hennessy?!!

Attendees ranged from broke freelance photographers to the likes of Video Vixens.
Hello Melissa Ford
Hello to you as well... Alesha Renee (host on BET).Below, we have Datwon and Alesha Renee.
Steve (from Allhiphop.com) and Datwon.

Alesha Renee, Jermaine Hall (the Editor-in-Chief of Rides Mag), and Valeisha Butterfield (who attended Clark Atlanta Univ. while I was at Morehouse). Atl in the party!!!!Melissa Ford and Rocsi (106 & Park)
Steve and our wonderful sponsor.
The Homies Steve and Ken.
What a beautiful view of Manhattan...New York in the Spring time...take that haters!!
Gotta show love for the DJ.

This Hat says it all!!!If any of you don't recognize the gentleman in the picture below...it is DJ Abstract...better know as Q-Tip - of A Tribe Called Quest fame. Later on in the evening he got on the tables.
As well as celebrating his recent promotion to Editor-in-Chief and XXL, Datwon Thomas was partying it up for his birthday.
After a rousing round of "Happy Birthday", we returned to the festivities.
Q-Tip hopped on the wheels and killed it!!
What's the name of this blog??!!!!!!!!!!
EAT THE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what's up Melissa Ford and friend!!!!!!!
Now, that's a night!!!!!


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  1. who's the hot boy in the hype kills hat? say hi to him mf.
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