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Monday, May 19, 2008

Yo Majesty Tour -- -- Friday -- Highline Ballroom

Friday night was the first show of the Yo Majesty and Rosetta Stoned tour...it took place at Highline Ballroom and was packed to capacity. If you don't know about Yo Majesty...then you ucked up - you better learn about them.

Backstage -- pre show festivities.
The Homie -- Aaron
The Shalitas

Morgan - Does it Offend you...Yeah with a member of the Shalitas
Random Backstage guest
Tyrone - Rosetta Stoned and our friends from Time Machine
The crowd
Does it offend you...Yeah

Yo Majesty!!Always show love to the DJ (what up Orion)
After the show, we went over to Aja for the afterparty and for some drinks...the madness that ensued was awesome...always expect the unexpected.
The picture below is of Sum Young Thug and her Caucasian rap partner (who is actually a writer for BUST magazine). These girls were off the hook!!! They came with us to the afterparty and began to "rap our faces off." Their rhymes included such classic lines as, "Indians like Samosa".... and "I don't know what a rooffie looks like but I know what it tastes like"... as well as "my pussy tastes like laffy taffy, try it!!"

Don't battle these chicks, you will lose
Tyrone and Roman (a cat that sets up shows in France and California)
And on the way home.... I saw this awesome work of art.
Really...I love you

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