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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rosetta Stoned, Yo Majesty, SupaHero GoGo Starz, and Josh Bloom in Orlando

Friday night we rolled into Orlando for a show at Back Booth...it was good sized venue and the staff was amazing. The soundman was dope, the promoter was cool, and the bartenders got us nice. On the bill...Josh Bloom, SupahHero GoGo Starz, Rosetta Stoned and Yo! Majesty.

Ty - Rosetta Stoned.

The Promoter.
David - Tour Manager.
Josh Bloom.
Ty -- in the gator state.

That's right -- Yo Majesty and Rosetta Stoned.
This dude had an ill tattoo on his neck - check it!!
Dj Orion on the wheels....

A little stall art.
Sandals in the club...is that safe?

Here's looking at you.
Self portrait.

Orlando had a good vibe...check out some of the performance and party shots.

Shunda K!!

There were a couple of dope photographers in the crowd...say hello.
Kap, Kap's girlfriend and Shinobi.
Redd Simp.
What up soundman...good job.

Shinobi and Dj Dolo.
Kap is an animal!!!

The Tattoo is ill.

Jack to
the face!!
Security dude.
It's a party!!!!!!!

This cat was Djing earlier in the night - I didn't get a chance to find out wh

Again, Shunda asked people to hop on stage with her...grindin' and shaken'!!

Below I need to point out some important componants to a good show:
A cool soundman...
A dope DJ...
Another dope Dj -- DJ Orion...
Polite and friendly bartenders....
A third dope DJ...
and fans..!!

Don't forget...the doorman (woman).
After the show, we headed back to Kap's house for the afterparty...we were joined by a couple of guests.
Peace, Redd.!!
What up Kap!!
The studio!
Shinobia and Dolo.
Cool tattoo
The next morning I walked around taking pictures of the neighborhood.

Alright...Peace Orlando..next stop Miami..!!!

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