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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Famous White Women, Art, Models + Free Drinks

MODELSLast week I ended up at a crazy spot on 15th street - an art auction/charity event. Some of the photographs were going for $8,ooo and up.
I attended the event with my girlfriend (pictured below on the left) and two of her friends.

While we drank and looked at expensive artwork, we were treated to the sounds of a DJ - sorry I don't know her name but........
You always have to show love to the DJ!!!The event was sponsored by Vanity Fair and was attended by Tv personalities, artists, art lovers, donors and various patrons of the arts. Here are a few highlights.

I do not know who this dude is, but he was one of the only other black dudes in the party - and definitely the only one of us on the media carpet.
This is a photo of four white women that I have never seen
before (but seemed to be important) and Mary Alice Stephenson
- Tv show "America's Most Smartest Model."

Lindsay Price and Kim Raver - Tv show "Lipstick Jungle"

Stacey London - Tv show "What not to Wear"

This Picture below is great. I got on the train and immediately noticed the bright pink hair, so I had to ask about taking a picture. What shocked me was this dudes deep ass voice - he sounded like Barry White. Nice Earings.

I'm OUT!!!!!

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  1. i fucking love the queen in the pink wig chris. this picture OWNS.
    and i am so with you on the gotta show love to the dj tip, especially when the dj is mad sexy!