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Sunday, March 16, 2008

SXSW Fri (1/4) - Thrift Store

Friday afternoon, Rosetta Stoned was performing in a parking lot adjacent to a thrift store that donated all of their proceeds to the community. The bill for the afternoon included Y-Love (the Orthodox Jewish emcee that is not Matisyahu).

This was an interesting spot. The thrift store was definitely in the hood...I mean in the hood. I walked around the corner looking for some food, found a liquor store that sold tacos, and ran into the strip. On this one little side street in east Austin, I was forced to encounter the reality of what is happening in our country...crack cocaine is alive and kicking. I buy my taco, step out of the store (which was run by a Mexican lady), and walk up to this cat to ask for a lighter. In the time it takes for him to reach into his pocket and hand it to me, a fiend walks up and buys crack (right in front of me), then another person comes up to buy crack (this one short a dollar on the $3 pricetag). I was bewildered...how could you buy/sell crack right in front of some dude from out of town trying to light his black and mild...yeah. I walked back to the spot, shocked and slightly appalled, but ready for more eye opening experiences.

...back to the music.

Check out the shirt -- are you allowed to use the word "Jewfro".

Shunda - K

Big ups to Treasure City Thrift.

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  1. interesting stuff, that part of town was definitely shady as fuck, as soon as I got out of the car some bum came up to me and was like "hey cracker, got any change?" I was pretty taken aback. That's crazy some dude slingin' crack right in front of you and shit though.