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Friday, March 14, 2008

SXSW Wed (1/2) - Creekside Lounge

Wednesday began with a trip to the Creekside Lounge to set up equipment and get things straight for the Rosetta Stoned performance later that night. On the bill...Kosha Dillz, C Rayz Walz, Rosetta Stoned and Shunda- K. Dj Orion hooked up the whole event and was a very gracious host to the whole crew.

And we begin with Tattoos and wombats...I love womabts.

Wombat - I want a pet wombat. Can anyone assist me in this endeavor.

Electro crunc

This woman inspires me...

Get ready!!


SXSW is the best festival ever.

Kosha Dillz and C Rayz Walz

More Tattoos

Take a closer look at that finger.

And as the night goes on....

Any promotional tool that you are using sucks in comparison to the blow up doll.

Look who's in the spot BLK JAX

And the coolest Belgian/French photo intern at SXSW.

Nice shirts.

That's what's up.

Listen to "Why" - they make good music.

Lone star beer - $1.00

Getting wasted...Priceless

No Regrets

By the way, Jesus was/is not White.

Live music

Fun People

Why weren't you here?

I gave this girl my sweatshirt for her birthday. It is a sweatshirt that I made to commemorate the greatest thing Kanye West ever said...George Bush doesn't care about Black people.
I hope she wears it for the next 20 years.


What a night. A dope performance by Rosetta Stoned, a great time, and an auspicious start to week in TX.

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