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Saturday, March 15, 2008

SXSW Thurs (3/4) - BPM Party

Thursday night we went to a party at the Elk's Lodge (some type of fraternal organization meeting house) - BPM magazine was hosting a party featuring Steve Aoki, Danny Masterson, and Neon Neon. This party was one of the best that week...free drinks, a mechanical bull, awesome Djs, amazing live performances, a pool, and all types of people to run into. Have a look.


Or...If you wear a skirt on a mechanical bull, be prepared to be featured on a photography blog somewhere.

What up Steve...!

More mechanical bull action!!!

You are not allowed to do that!!!

NUFF SAID - don't mess with texas. Ironically, this cat is from Virginia and runs an awesome record label called F*ck a Record Company - his flagship artists being Rosetta Stoned.

The first performance that I watched was Neon Neon...a group consisting of Boom Bip (Check out the album he did with Dose One years ago), a lead vocalist and a guitar/bass player. The show was sick...they played songs that range from electro crunc to experimental rock...Awesome -Check them out on Lex records.

This young lady was hangin out all night...I don't know if she is a DJ or artist, but she was wearing awesome glasses.


Yes, this is Danny Masterson (Hyde from the 70's show). I think he was celebrating his birthday that night as well...it's a celebration BIT*HES!!

Danny and Steve had the party rocking...I danced so much that my legs were sore the next morning.

Water guns were given out as a promotional gift - things got so hectic that the police had to confiscate water guns...people were running around causing all types of mayhem.

-Now back to the party!!!!!!!!

Nice sunglasses!!

...yep, it's a party.

Say hi to the camera.

This girl, fell on the ground, rolled around for a little while and then got back up and danced for the rest of the night. In on sense, she is kind of awesome, and in another sense, I just don;t know waht to think.

On a fashion note....
These are some of the coolest pants I have ever seen.

All white before Easter?

and, finally applause for the people!!!!!!!!!

Is that connect four? How awesome is that?

That's what's up!!

Get em girrrrl!!!!

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