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Saturday, March 15, 2008

SXSW Thurs (1/4) - Creekside Lounge

Thursday brought us back to the Creekside Lounge for an outdoor show. Time machine, Rez (from the UK) and Rosetta Stoned. Come on in.

This is an awesome fan!!!!!!!!!

Nice purple pants.

The fellas from F*ck a Record Company. Wut Up!!

Always show love to the DJ!!!

I love the shirt!!!

TY - one of the emcees from Rosetta Stoned...and some new friends

What up GRRRLS!!!

Check the Tattoo - "Unlovable"...

These are some ALIFE kicks...I did not expect to see these in Texas.

What up SHUNDA - K (Yo Majesty)

This group is called Dean Lickyer...they were pretty cool.

This dude was almost the unfortunate recipient of a bad tattoo a night prior to this photo. On his wrist, you can still see the ink that was the stencil for a series of numbers he was going to have tattooed on his wrist. His tattooist was a drunk chick, using a dirty needle, in a van parked at a gas station. Luckily, she was snatched out of the van by her belligerent boyfriend, and this dude was saved the embarrassment of having a bad tattoo for the rest of his life; and possibly Hep A, B or C, HIV or any other disease that is transmitted by dirty needles.

Here is my man Rez and his crew from Illastate records. They came to the US for a bunch of shows in the South...check out their music!!

Tyrone and Rez.

On to more Festivities!!!!!!!

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