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Saturday, March 15, 2008

SXSW Thurs (2/4) - Beauty Bar

Thursday afternoon, we were running back and forth between the Beauty Bar and Creekside Lounge. While I was at the Beauty Bar, I ran into my homie from Birds and Batteries and talked to a bunch of indie rock musicians. The rest of the time, I walked around and took flicks.

The Bartender

Tattoo on the neck...gangster.

Two of the ladies of Von Iva...you will see them again later.

Can hjis shirt get any better?!

DO it DABS!!

Hook em Horns!!!!!!!!

So then she says, "do you want to see my camel toe?"

Outside at the Beauty Bar

...And back to our friends from Von Iva..they rock.!!

I am in love with this band. Not only do they rock out, but they are cool as hell and made the afternoon all the more interesting.

Notice the tattoo on the arm.

And on the way out...nice work

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